3rd Grade Music

This quarter, these are the standards that we will be assessing:
3.6.4 Identify representative orchestral instruments and their families by sight as well as sound.
  • We have been discussing the four instrument families, how they make a sound, learning what they sound like, and recognizing individual instruments.
  • String Family
  • Brass Family
  • Woodwind Family
  • Percussion Family
3.7.2 Listen to and discuss or write about two contrasting compositions using appropriate terminology.
  • We have been listening to several recordings of music from a variety of time periods and countries. In our textbooks, we have been looking at listening maps to help us follow along with the music. We have been discussing music vocabulary such as dynamics, musical form, repeat signs, melody, and many others. We have also been writing every day about what we have heard as we have been listening to music and learning how to describe what we hear in words.