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First day of school is August 5, 2020. Be sure you register your student now!
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Mrs. Crawford's Music Page

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! This is an exciting year with some exciting changes. Last year, our corporation adopted a new music curriculum called Conversational Solfege and First Steps in Music, by John M. Feierabend. Over the summer, several of the music teachers in Anderson were able to attend a workshop at Anderson University to learn more about Conversational Solfege from John Feierabend. It was an exciting week where we learned so much about the curriculum and we are so excited to bring all of the cool things we learned back to our students!
Each year, I like to have my students be involved in one program at some time of the year. Please watch your child's folder and please check this page for specific dates.
2nd/3rd Grade - December (Christmas Program)
4th/5th Grade - end of February or early March (Winter Program)
1st Grade - end of April or early May (Spring Program)
4th and 5th Grade students: These students will be expected to have a recorder in music class each week. Students have the option of borrowing one from me at no cost, buying one of their own from me for $3.00, or bringing one from home. Please fill out the form below and have it returned by Friday, September 8.
**Please do not purchase a recorder at Walmart or a dollar store!!