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Proud, Positive, Productive

Congratulations to our Spelling Bee winner, Kayla Donald (left) and our runner-up, Annabelle Owens (right). 

Congratulations to our Mayor's Grant recipients for 2019! Mrs. Blalock, Mrs. Bowen, and Mr. Yoder.

"JOY" is what E2 faculty and staff members feel on a daily basis. We love our students!

89 students had PERFECT ATTENDANCE during the first grading period.

E2 Staff 

E2 Staff

E2 Office Staff

1st Grade Teachers

2nd Grade Teachers

3rd Grade Teachers

4th Grade Teachers

5th Grade Teachers

High Ability Teachers

PE, Art, Library, and Music Teachers

Speech-Language Pathologists

Resource Teachers

E2 Newsroom - we are the only elementary school in ACS to do a weekly news broadcast. Our students serve as news anchors, bringing the latest news and information to not only our school, but to the public as well via our website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Interior front entry view
Front of beautiful Eastside Elementary School


In partnership with community, we believe all students can learn through:
T – Technology
E – Effort
A – Academics
C – Commitment
H – Hands-on Learning

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Background Check Form

This form MUST be completed and taken to the volunteer's local law enforcement agency to show that the background check is being requested for volunteer purposes (as opposed to paid employment purposes.) The Anderson Police Department will charge a fee to process the background check if this form does not accompany the request. After the agency runs the check, this form and the background check must be returned to the school office. The school will then forward the documents to the administration building.
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