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My name is Heylee Looper. This is my second year teaching, but first year at E2. I am so excited to be a part of ACS. I live here in Anderson with my husband, Cody, and my pups named Buck and Owen. I am originally from Cowan which is located just outside of Muncie. Cody was raised here in Anderson and went to Eastside Middle School. He was also in the last graduating class from Highland. We love living in Anderson and enjoy showing support to our community. I am thrilled to now be teaching in the community I live in.


Here are a few things I love:





Recent Posts

New Updates!

Hey Parents! 
I know I have not posted on here in quite awhile! However, Class Dojo is updated often! PLEASE be sure you are connected. 
Today I sent home a lot of information about what is happening in class right now. Here is most of the information! 

We have some excited things happening right now in our class. We have started an author study on Mo Willems. On Tuesday I gave each student a Mo Willems book with activities in it. I hope they are enjoying it! The students LOVE his books. Today they should be bringing home a book they made to convince you to let them stay up past their bedtime. This was based on the book “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!” We have some very creative writers in the class!! Here is a great website to check out all about Mo Willems! http://www.mowillems.com/

Our 100th Day of school is on Thursday, January 25th. We are going to have an exciting day. I would like if you and your  child could get creative and bring in 100 items of something. Every student should have a gallon ziplock bag with them. The 100 items should fit in the bag. Example: Cereal, Q-tips, pennies. Please do not feel pressured to buy anything extra, this should be something you have at home. Students can start bringing in their items on Monday of next week.

Report cards went home last week in Thursday folders. Please make sure you have signed and returned the envelop. Thursday folders should be sent back on Friday with homework. If your student has lost his/her Thursday folder it is $1 to replace. I would love if every student could have a Thursday folder by next week. This folder keeps both myself and your student more organized.

Please keep in mind that most of my contact happens through Class Dojo. If you have any questions or concerns you can call or email we as well. However, I am usually quickest at responding on Dojo because I have it up all day on my computer. If you are not connected, please send me a note with your email or phone number so I can connect you!

I have some exciting news in the Looper family. Mr. Looper and I are expecting twins! We are having both a boy and a girl! Our babies are expected to come at the beginning of May but could come sometime in April as well. I wanted to make you all aware because I have had some students ask ;) and I did not want them to come home with any misunderstandings. I do have a long term sub that will be taking over for the remainder of the school year once the babies are here. She is a retired teacher and I have all the confidence in the world that your students will be taken care of! I will have

Friday was our first spelling tests. I know for a first grader a spelling test can be stressful but I believe overall the students did awesome! I had some great scores. The tests will be sent home in Thursday folders the following week. Please make sure you are working with your child everyday on these words.

You might notice that Dojo points are not as high as they usually are this week. I have been a lot harder on the students about behavior this week. We are 37 days into the school year and the students know the rules and procedures. There are now consequences for not following rules or procedures. Please encourage your child at home to be a great listener and a leader. I use the 3 P's and the 3 R's. Ask your child about it. If you think about it, use these words in your daily language with your children! These are great traits to have as a person!



Thank you for all you do for your child! I know you work tirelessly to provide and support your children. It shows!!

September 11-15 Recap
What a great week! We have completed our first 30 days of school! The students now know all the rules and procedures and have had 30 days to practice! We worked very hard this week on technology. I have two websites that I will be using all year and we worked on on being able to log into our accounts. These websites are IXL and Epic. On IXL students are able to work at their own pace to master different math concepts. Epic is an amazing website for books! Students can read books, listen to reading, and watch educational videos on Epic. Ask you student about these websites! We have been working hard on them! 
Notes about this week: 
  • Students will have a spelling list sent home, spelling test on Friday! 
  • Homework is due on Friday
  • Our book store is open on Wednesday- $1.50 for all books
I wanted to let you all know that my prep time is from 2:35-3:20. If you have emailed me or messaged me on Dojo please be aware that I am with your children all day until that time. That is the time I am able to respond to emails or Dojo messages. Also, we go to the computer lab on Friday together so on Fridays I do not that that prep time. I work very hard to answer emails right away! Please do not hesitate to contact me! 
Have a great week! 

September 5-9 Recap
Thanks for a great week and the support you gave to your children with homework. On Friday our Scholastic book orders were due. I will have October book orders out to you by the end of the month! Thanks for all the parents how put in orders! I hope you enjoyed the pictures posted on Dojo this week! We are working hard in first grade! 
Notes about this week: 
If you have joined Dojo, your student will not be bringing home a sheet to sign. Please check Dojo daily for points, pictures, and special announcements! Homework week 4 will be sent home today. Reminder, homework is due on Friday! 
Thanks for all you do! 

Week August 28-September 1 Recap 
The students are doing an amazing job! We are starting to get in a routine and the students know what is expected and the proper procedures and routines. Also, great job on the class dojo papers! The students are doing an awesome job bringing the paper back everyday! Please talk with your child about the importance of keeping our hands to ourselves. Now that we are all getting used to each other, I have noticed more touching of others. We talk about how our bodies are our own. Please remind your child of that this week. Thank you for all your support and reading with your child each night! These kids come in anf love learning because of the work you invest in them! 
Notes about this week:
  • Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone had a restful holiday! 
  • Our goal for this week is 6 Dojo points! 
  • We are collecting pop tabs and box tops 
  • Wednesday is our book shopping day. All books are $1.50 
  • Watch Dojo for daily updates and to keep track of progress! 

August 21-25 Recap
We had an awesome week last week! We began our weekly homework, the Dojo sheet has changed which should be easier to read and is also signed nightly. Most of the class did an amazing job last week bringing the paper back in each day! I introduced our iPads to the class this week! The students loved it!! You can see more picture of the students using the iPads for learning on Class Dojo. Last week we also began our Daily 5 rotations for reader's workshop! Students visit each station twice a week to grow into strong independent readers! Our rotations include, read to self, read to someone, word work, work on writing, and listen to reading! It was a great week of firsts last week! This week we are going to continue with having even higher expectations!
Notes about this week:
Students must return their Dojo sheet signed everyday this week
  • Homework will be sent home Monday, please returned finished on Friday
  • We are working on being responsible in class, please allow for your child to take responsibility of their homework, Dojo paper, and action in the classroom.
  • Read with your child each night. This will show your student the importance of reading for enjoyment!
Thanks for all you do for your child!! You are your child's first teacher, be proud of what you are doing!! These kids are amazing and so respectful!! This is simply by the hard work that you have invested into your child! THANK YOU!!


 August 14-18 Recap
Time is moving fast in first grade! We had an exciting week last week. We had our first fire drill and the students did a fantastic job! Also, our class was able to shop at the Fish Bowl on Friday. What is the fish bowl? The students earn Fish Cash for doing great things here at school and at the end of the week they get to shop at our Fish Bowl. One of our students earned so much Fish Cash that she bought a pass to say the pledge of allegiance with Dr. Scott this week!! 
Notes about this week: 
  • Homework will be coming home today 
    • Homework is a weekly packet and will be due back Friday. 
  • E2 spirit wear is due today! 
  • Class Dojo sheet will look different and more user friendly this week! 
  • Please join Class Dojo!
  • Our weekly goal: 6 points
  • Encourage your child this week! They are amazing kids that need to be told that! 

 August 7-11 Recap
We had a great first full week of school! The students learned many MANY rules and procedures. We were able to spend some time working whole group, small group, and in pairs. We began filling out or Dojo sheet and we still need a lot of practice, but it was great for the first week of it!! I hope you have enjoyed the pictures posted on Class Dojo. I will try to post pictures every couple of days!! 
I am looking forward to this coming week! 
Notes about this week Aug 14-18:
  • Please make sure your child has brought in headphones 
  • Please provide $1 for your student to get a Thursday folder
  • Class Dojo point goal: 6 points  
  • Filled out Dojo sheets will come home in Thursday folders. Please sign and return Friday for your kiddo to pick from the prize box if goal is reached. 
  • E2 spirit wear order forms are due Aug. 21 
  • If you have not, connect to Dojo. Papers will be coming home Monday for the ones who have not connected. 
  • Homework will begin next week
  • Encourage your child to be a great listener and a hard worker this week! We have a lot to learn this week!! 
This week we are going to begin tracking our points on Class Dojo. The students have a clip chart in the classroom that we will use through the day. At the end of the day I will put the points on Class Dojo. The students will receive points if they clip up, but points can also be taken away if they clip down. A paper will go home every Thursday showing the points the students received on each day. This paper will need to be signed and returned on Friday. If the student reaches the goal set and returns the signed paper he/she will be able to pick from the prize box on Friday. 
Goal: 6 points 
Other info:
We are practicing a lot of procedures this week. The students did a fantastic job last week and I am really looking forward to another week together. If you have not, please make sure your students have brought in money for their Thursday folder. This is essential for the flow of classroom papers and important papers that you will need to see. Also, We go to the computer lab every Friday. Students need headphones for the lab. Please bring these things in as soon as possible. 
Here is our class specials schedule:
Monday: P.E.
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: Library 
Thursday: Art 
Friday: Computer lab 
Please make sure your student is dresses properly on the days we have P.E. 
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call me. Class Dojo is the best way to contact me. If you have not, please join!! 
Phone: 641-2101 x1147
Email: jlooper@acsc.net