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The Fish Bowl Price List

The Fish Bowl is a "market" that operates only with Fish Cash. Students can earn Fish Cash for good behavior in the classroom, cafeteria, hallways, and the bus. Students can use fish cash to purchase a variety of things. 

Fish Bowl Price List

Updated 2/13/17


Item Price

Pencil end erasers 2 for 1

Plain pencils 1

Decorative Pencils 2

Bookmarks 2

Sticker sheets 2

Puzzle books 3

Glue sticks 3

Big erasers 3-5

Coloring books 7

Rulers 8

Highlighters 10

Bracelets 10

Scissors 10

Flashcards 12

Playing cards 12

Dominoes 12

Dry Erase markers 15

Headphones 15

Crayons 15

Folders 20

Notebooks 20

Colored pencils 30

Thin Markers 40

Thick Markers 50

Construction Paper 50

Oil Pastels 60

E2 T-Shirts 150

E2 Hoodies 200

Gifts cards

Item Price

Reciting the Pledge 25

School Skating Party 25

Help with Recycling 30

Eat lunch with Mrs Worley 50

Eat lunch with Dr. Scott 50

Eat lunch with Mrs. Womack 50

Eat lunch with Mrs. K 50

Eat lunch with Mrs. Ligon 50

Eat lunch with Ms. Swafford 50

Class Popcorn Party 200

Class Pizza Party 500