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Common links

This is a great site for Math and English skills.  There are games and quick timed drills.  Each child has their own user name.
This site has several very fun activities and games.  Have your child go to second grade first and then they can move within the site.  There are many fun math games
This site has some free games and if you want to join for a fee, there are even more game to play.  Your child can even take a practice test.  Once you are on the site, hit the search tab and search for teacher name - Susan Miller.  You will find me next to Edgewood, Anderson, Indiana.  Click on my name and you will then find the list of spelling words for the year. Select the unit number for the week.
This site has different actors and actresses read aloud a classic book.  It gives the children a chance to hear a story read with expression and correct pace.  Plus, it is free with no login!
This site is great for drilling math facts and speeding your child up!  They need to type in their pin number and my email address - [email protected]