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Want access to my quizlet study sets?
Click the links below. 
 Quizlet Join Vocabulary: https://quizlet.com/join/6ukV5mr6r
Quizlet Join Social Studies: https://quizlet.com/join/88yuU9qWp
Quizlet Join States & Capitals: https://quizlet.com/join/HceAdfAwc

This year we are using canvas as our learning management system. All students have their log in information in the cover of their agenda. In addition to receiving the information in class, students are able to go back to canvas to reference their assignments and see upcoming due dates. 
3B 8-Step Standards Focus:
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Week 28 (April 2-6) Vocabulary Words

pedigree (noun): a list of ancestors of a person or an animal
condemn (verb): to express strong disapproval
chronic (adjective): 1.lasting a long time; occurring repeatedly 2. done by habit
leisure (noun): freedom from work or other duties; free time

Unit 28 Spelling Words

Unit 28 Spelling Words:
April 2-6, 2018

Latin Root Meanings:
spect - look at
port - carry
form - shape

The Chromebook guidelines will be posted in another post for you to reference. All students and parents signed the Chromebook Guidelines document at the beginning of the school year.

Unit 26 & 27 Spelling Words

This week we will not be having vocabulary words. Instead we are going to focus on the greek root meaning that go with our spelling words from last week's spelling list (Unit 26) and this week's spelling list (Unit 27).

Also: The test on Friday will be on paper. Students will need to be able to spell all of their Unit 27 spelling words as well as know the meanings of all the greek roots for Unit 26 & Unit 27. Tomorrow students will be going on with this list to practice from. I just wanted all parents to have the words and meanings available to them as well. We will be filling out the bottom portion in class on Monday.

Unit 27 Words: (this week)

You can practice for your States and Capitals final which is on March 14 using the above quizizz code. It is important to know that students will be tested over location on the map, abbreviation, as well as capital. 
ALL CLASSES! We will not be having a new studies weekly, spelling words, vocabulary words, or homework this week.

Highland Tour Field Trip
Monday, February 12, 2018 all fifth grade students will be taking a field trip over to Highland Middle School for a tour. Here is the schedule for that day. We will be leaving E2 at approximately 9:15, so it is extremely important that your child be at school on time.

9:15 - Depart from E2
9:30-9:40 - Meet in the auditorium for a welcome.
9:40 -10:15 Lunch (We will be eating lunch with the 6th graders)
10:20-12:45 - Tour the school, practice locker combinations, instrument "petting zoo", elective selection, time to ask questions to current 6th grade students. 
12:45-1:00 - Back to the auditorium for closing remarks.