Eastside Elementary School

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Students are to be in their classrooms by the time the 9:00am Tardy Bell rings.
Proud, Positive, Productive

A peek into the world of Mrs. Dauss!

Hello, all!  I am known for many things...
As a PT (aka Physical Therapist) I work with students who have physical disabilities in the schools. Altogether, I have been a PT in schools for over 30 years in North Carolina and in Indiana! I LOVE my job!
As a "Lifelong Learner", I returned to college, earned a teaching license, and taught special education classes for two years. I LOVE our kids!
As a church Youth Worker/Leader with my husband, I have been blessed to spend awesome time with the children and youth from our church for almost 25 years.  I LOVE the CHURCH and its YOUTH!
As a 4-H leader for 12 years, I met and taught and learned from boys and girls in grades KG-12. Could you guess... I LOVE KIDS !!
My husband and I have two boys that graduated from college in Nebraska and now both live in the SOUTH... in WARM WEATHER! We also have a dog that believes all visitors will play soccer with him, and a cat that allows us all to live with her
I like to read, bake, sew, listen to music, play musical instruments, and have been known to swing a golf club, throw a ball down the alley and ski around the neighborhood.